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"CALLE MANIGUA" 2nd prize at the Festival Internacional de Percusión PERCUMON

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

I have been a mentor and a coach of DRUMS "CALLE MANIGUA" MALLORCA, since November 2022. I was seduced into working with them because of the company’s goal to combine drums, theater and dance.

I am extremely proud of the progress, guts and openness of Jordi Ramis Music Director and of Marina Medina Artistic Director of "CALLE MANIGUA" in them receiving constructive criticism.

Along the way, I rehearse, guided and assisted the directors & the company to develop:

- the concept & rhythm of the piece

- the choreographic movement material

- how to use the space and apply stage directions

- and improve their acting skills

- their make-up skills, by giving them a make up workshop

- their advertising and online presence by presenting film of them working and performing

Wishing "Calle Manigua" load of success with their future projects. You ROCK guys!




Percumon Festival International de Percusíon Afrobrasileña 2023



"CALLE MANIGUA" - Batucada

The Mallorquin company & formation Drums "CALLE MANIGUA", comes back home with the second prize from "The Festival Internacional de Percusión Afrobrasileña" PERCUMON in Puerto Sagunto - Valencia . Congratulations to all the organisers and participants for sharing an evening full of emotions and for uniting people with the power of the Drums!

Calle Manigua Flyer

Calle Manigua Flyer


KAI PAWLOWSKI - Photographer

An enormous thank you to the photographer Kai Pawlowski, whom managed to capture the momentum, the power, and the expressions of their soul! Simply, WOW!

Thank you so much my friend


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Jul 04, 2023

El azar nos puso en el camino con Hugo Fanari y desde entonces hemos establecido una relación profesional y de amistad que nos ha abierto muchas puertas Con Calle Manigua. Gracias a su pasión por el arte y su ayuda infinita nos ha ayudado a crecer como artistas de manera multidisciplinar.

Gracias Hugo por confiar en nosotros y habernos lanzado a un nuevo universo lleno de posiblidades. Te queremos!!!

Marina y Jordi


What an amazing experience it has been! So many things have happened since we started the project back in March '22 and your involvement has been key for the success of the project.

You've been able to capture Marina's & Jordi's view of Calle Manigua and teach us how to reach those goals.

We still have plenty to do but with your great communication and abilities I'm sure we'll keep growing and glowing!

Thanks a lot for everything Hugo 🥳


Jun 06, 2023

Hugo! Thanks for your dedication, persistence, creativity, and jumping into the Maniguaverse! It's been quite a ride and has all paid off.

Hugo, you see the world through unique eyes. Eyes that can see how to add a dramatic edge to stage performances, and shoot street performances, finding a multitude of impressive angles in one take.

Hugo, thank you!

@kaipawlowski - thanks too (again!) for the stunning photos - you really captured some natural moments in the short time you had to shoot. Absolute gems!!


Irene Villawolf
Irene Villawolf
Jun 05, 2023

Recuerdo perfectamente el primer día que vi a Hugo en nuestro ensayo; pensé "¡Wow qué profesionalidad! ¡Dónde nos hemos metido!"

Trabajar con Hugo es jugar con las ideas y llevarlas a cabo, es creatividad, expresión, emoción🔥🌊 y detalle ... y desde luego "molta feina"!!

Gracias por meterte de cabeza, y con todo el corazón en el mundo Manigua ❤️


cristina olivares
cristina olivares
Jun 02, 2023

@Hugo FanariDarte las gracias por creer en calle Manigua, ha sido un antes y después el encontrarnos en el camino, @kaipawlowski unas fotos espectaculares. Gracias.

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