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I started dancing when I was seven years old, and when I was twelve I knew clearly that I would become a ballet dancer.

I understood very quickly that learning contemporary and other dance styles was a must! 


My interest in choreography goes back to my school days. I simply had the need of expressing myself through the language of movement.  


For the last 32 years, I have been working professionally in the field of dance. 

My profession has been a constant learning process and the richness of having danced a wide range of the classical and contemporary repertoire as a soloist and principal dancer has widened my vision in the vocabulary of movement, and a certain philosophy towards dance in general. 

The successful and warm feedback of the public has been the greatest rewards for my choreographies, and has also been the reason why I keep on kicking and continue seeking.


I feel great pleasure sharing what I have learned with my dancers and students; for me, seeing them develop is the best reward! 

Dancing, teaching, choreographing, movie making is all about loving, researching, sharing, collaborating and good organization. 


One of my wishes for 2022 is to continue to be a bridge in culture and dance  between Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Prof. Hugo Fanari


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Hugo Fanari

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